Feeding the Crew – Eating To Starve Cancer

Can eating certain foods prevent or even reverse cancer? William Li, founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation, explains which foods could “starve” cancer as well as a wide range of other diseases including diabetes and obesity.
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Some researchers disagree on the particular foods, but everyone seems to agree on the whole foods, generally plant based diet.

According to a TED talk recently given by William Li, founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation, some cancers can be caused by environmental factors such as diet. Numerous studies have been done on foods that are potentially cancer-causing, but Li focuses instead on foods that are considered to have “anti-angiogenic” properties when consumed in practical amounts. These foods may prevent and even reduce the spread of cancer.

Update 2011 – Gouda, Edam, Emmenthal and Jarlsberg cheeses have been added to this list due to their Vitamin K2 content.

Stay tuned, foods are being added to this list as research goes forward…..see below

What is Angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis occurs when the body forms new capillary blood vessels, which is an essential, normal bodily process for both healing wounds and reproduction. Diseases can form, however, when the growth of new vessels is increased or decreased significantly. Cancer is one such disease that develops because of an increase in blood vessels that feed dangerous tumors, causing them to grow and in some cases metastisize, spreading deadly cancer cells throughout the body.

What is Anti-Angiogenesis?

Anti-angiogenesis treatments are used to reverse the imbalance of angiogenesis so that cancer tumors don’t have a growing blood supply. This essentially “starves” tumors of their nutrients. In time, tumors already present could shrink, and tumors just beginning wouldn’t have a chance to grow. The foods in this chart have been studied and labeled as having these beneficial “anti-angiogenic” properties.

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If you cannot see this TED talk video, please go to the following link to view :

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William Li

Dr. William Li is President, Medical Director, and Co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation, and is a highly-sought international lecturer, advisor, and Fortune 500 consultant for his predictive insights into medical breakthroughs.

Angiogenesis makes cancer dangerous

A major reason cancer is so frustratingly difficult to cure is that by the time it can be detected, it is often very advanced, and like all advanced diseases, much more difficult to treat. In a person with advanced cancer, uncontrolled angiogenesis keeps cancer cells growing and allows them to spread.  However, without angiogenesis, cancers can’t grow and become dangerous.  This is why the microscopic cancers that form in our bodies all the time are mostly harmless.  These cancers aren’t even visible on a standard X-ray or body scan.  So, to effectively prevent cancer, angiogenesis needs to be brought under control before the tumor can get a foothold. This is where your everyday diet comes into play.

Start to eat (and drink) to defeat cancer today

Eating to defeat cancer can be accomplished simply by adding a few of our cancer fighting angio foods to your meals each day. Like life itself, one’s diet is all about making choices. Since we all eat every day, why not choose foods that can reduce your risk of disease? Listed below are some food facts, supported by scientific research, to help you get the most cancer fighting benefits from your diet.

  • Be picky. Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples have twice as many cancer fighters as Fuji or Golden Delicious apples. The San Marzano tomato contains more cancer fighters than any other variety. Wine grapes grown in cooler climates have more cancer fighters than grapes grown in warmer climates.
  • Eat Your Sprouts. Broccoli sprouts can contain more cancer-fighting properties than regular broccoli.
  • Dunk Your Teabag. Dunking a tea bag up and down releases more cancer-fighting molecules than letting the bag just sit in the cup.
  • Cook Your Vegetables. Raw tomatoes are good, but cooking them in olive oil is better.
  • Chew Your Greens. Chewing leafy greens helps to release enzymes that activate cancer-fighting molecules embedded deep in the leaves.
  • Go Soy. Fermented soy, like the kind used in miso soup, contains four times more cancer fighters than regular soybeans.
  • Choose one cancer fighting food for each meal. At 3 meals each day, that adds up to more than a thousand of cancer fighting food choices each year.

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