Help Save The Spirit Bear!

Save BC’s Great Bear Rainforest from Enbridge

                                                                                                   Copy this into your browser and go, couldn’t link it for some reason, get your message to Steven Harper! The government is telling their partners in crime this is already a  done deal. The hearings are a sham!  Wake em up ! This crosses the headwaters of the Frazer river and the Skeena.  The long term inevitable consequences of this far outweigh  the possible short term gain!

1,154 signers. Let’s reach 50,000      lets reach 50 million!

Why this is important

British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is under siege. Canada’s government is wanting to sell tar sands oil to China and they plan to have Enbridge build the Northern Gateway pipeline to accomplish this goal. Enbridge has been responsible for over 800 oil spills since 1999, including a major spill in Michigan a couple of years ago, in which 877,000 US gallons of tar sands crude spilled into the Kalamazoo River. This pipeline would extend from Alberta to Kitimat, BC. Oil tankers would collect the oil and transport it to China (already the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas). To get to Kitimat and then leave from there, the tankers would need to go through rough waters along the BC coastline, which would take them through the marine channels of the Great Bear Rainforest.

An oil spill would have devastating effects on the region and its native species. One species of note is the Kermode or “Spirit” Bear (a genetically unique, white Black Bear that carries a recessive gene), of which there are only approx. 400 left in the wild. In 1987, the Valhalla Wilderness society started the Spirit Bear conservancy campaign and, along with many others including Simon Jackson and the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, were successful in 2006 in over 1/2 million acres of spirit bear habitat being protected from clearcut logging. Protection never would’ve happened without the full support of the Kitasso Xai’xais and the Gitg’at First Nations.

Now a larger threat looms for the Spirit Bear, which relies partly on the marine environment, including salmon. Giant oil tankers are being promoted to bring bitumen to Asia via the proposed Enbridge pipeline from the Alberta tar sands. Given the narrow marine channels, huge Pacific storms and the risk of Tsunamis in the homeland of the Spirit Bear, an oil spill far greater than the Exxon-Valdez, would be inevitable and devastate the fragile marine ecosystems for many years to come, including salmon and other marine life that the bears depend on. Such a catastrophic spill would also destroy the traditional livelihoods and eco-tourism programs of First Nations communities and others in the area, representing millions of dollars of loss annually. We can’t afford to have another Exxon-Valdez like spill or any spill of significance off the BC coast.

Members of Stephen Harper’s Government have branded those opposed to the pipeline as “foreign radicals”, including Environmental groups, First Nations and the many other Canadians who oppose the pipeline. Please tell the Harper Government that Canadians demand that the moratorium on tanker traffic off the BC coast remain in place and should not be lifted and that the destructive Northern Gateway pipeline should not be approved, because such a pipeline poses too great of a risk and is not in Canada’s best interest.

We need to explore renewable energy sources and invest in a sustainable future for Canada and the world. Thank you.

Posted February 1, 2012










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