The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation?

The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation?

Behind the scenes, secret agreements have been signed which essentially spell the end of Canada as a sovereign nation.  Although this process was started many years ago with the NAFTA agreement, it has been fast-tracked and completed recently under the guise of the war on terror. In this article the details that have been leaked are spelled out as best as possible. Under it’s guidelines, Canadian citizens have been “rendered” from Canada to the US, all communications are being monitored, American police can ride with the RCMP, etc.   Homeland security for everyone, oh joy….

Politics / CanadaMar 15, 2012 – 04:41 AM

By: Global_Research


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleDana Gabriel writes: Through a series of bilateral meetings, U.S. and Canadian officials are busy working out the details of the perimeter security action plan. This includes a recent joint crime forum which dealt with border and law enforcement issues. These various discussions are part of the implementation process which when finished would bring about the complete transformation of the northern border and another step closer in the creation of a fully integrated North American security perimeter.

In early March, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met with Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews as part of the Cross-Border Crime Forum. On the agenda was, “transnational crime issues such as organized crime, counter-terrorism, smuggling, economic crime and other emerging cross-border threats.” Both countries also signed a memorandum of understanding on the Dissemination and Exchange of Information to combat human smuggling and trafficking. The meetings were used as an opportunity to further advance U.S.-Canada cooperation in areas of law enforcement, criminal justice and intelligence. This ties in with my previous article which detailed the Obama administration’s new counter-narcotics strategy for the northern border that includes closer collaboration with Canada in the war on drugs. Much of the joint crime forum discussions focused around the progress being made on the Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan, announced in December 2011.

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