The Next Century

Gwynne Dyer’s column “The Next Century” (Georgia Straight March 22) could have been more aptly by-lined “Grim Dire”. Coincidentally the same day it was published, Bob Brown gave a talk on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Green Party with a totally different take on the same topic. (  In it, he points out for instance, that if we were to work together for the common good, as little as 10% of the world’s military budget would be more than adequate to provide food and shelter for the world’s poor. Brown also quotes Ghandi as saying there is enough for our need but not for our greed. Dyer’s type of gloomy pessimism leads to the type  selfish nihilism and despair that attempts to convince us that we should accept that we need to Geo-Engineer the planet in order to alter it for the better. Aside from the fact that the powers that be are already hard at doing so already – ( )- this whole concept is like the shortsightedness of the guys that thought it would be a good idea to introduce rabbits to Australia. Better instead, I think, that we should be re-engineering our own hearts and separating from ourselves that which separates us from each other. Thich Nhat Hahn points out that “you carry Mother Earth within you” and that the only effective activism must start with our own inner peace. As a friend of mine once wisely observed, the prophets of doom and gloom predict doom and gloom only for themselves. In the final analysis, our fear for the future must also be combined with our hope for the best and our trust in our better nature.

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