The Real Pyramid Power

This is an enigma that I have puzzled over for many years. I read all the books on archeology and wondered at the incredible detail and precision of this construction.  Various aspects of it all didn’t add up to me until recently after having also studied the theories of the electrical universe and the work of Nicolai ‘Tesla.  Add the following two videos on the subject, shake and stir, and voila! it all makes sense!

The first video details the construction of the Great pyramid and its conductive properties as being the same as Tesla’s tower that was intended to produce a usable electric grid without wires.  The second goes into more detail on its construction and includes details of the amazing precision and also shows evidence of an explosive event.  Both include details of the Arc of the Covenant and its exact match to the so-called King’s chamber receptacle.  Altogether a remarkable solution to an age old problem!  This shows how they were able to illuminate building interiors using electric lighting!  The only question now, and it’s a big one, is whether or not the Pharaohs inherited a crumbling electrical system and if so then who were the original engineers?