The Holy Flame

Some friends  returned from two weeks in Israel, the trip of a lifetime. They wanted to be there for Easter. Little did they know that just one week later, followers of the Eastern Orthodox Church were celebrating the same event in a totally different fashion. For over a thousand years, and probably closer to two, people have come to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to witness the the Miracle of the Holy Flame. The Patriarch of the Eastern Church is strip-searched by the powers that be, for the last few years Israeli soldiers, to ensure there is no concealed fire making material. He then enters the traditional burial chamber and emerges a while later with lit candles.  Broadcast live all over Eastern Europe, the video footage captures a light passing around the room and lighting the candles of the believers and the skeptics assembled. For the first half hour, these burning candles are seen to have flame but no heat, and people put them to their hair and pass their hands through it without getting burned. The lit candles are then flown to various countries by chartered jets, for the followers in those countries to celebrate.

This is an amazing and powerful event that confounds the skeptics and disbelievers, and delights the believers. Here is a great video from Greek TV, of an interview with two doctors who witnessed this event – one as so affected that he became a priest….miracle or fraud?  You decide!