Caminho do Peabiru


Have been pondering some of the new finds in ancient history.  Such as the Caminho do Pebiru. This 3000 km road stretched from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic via Cuzco. Who built it? No one knows for sure. It was said to have been built by the Sume, before the time of the Inca. The Inca called their empire Biru, which became the modern Peru. But this predates that. Most of it was made of stone which is scarce in the Amazon jungle. Six feet wide and 3000 km complete with stairs, and rest stops. The Portugese found it intact and used it to invade!

My guess as to who built it would go back to these folks. New evidence indicates the desert site at Caral, on the slopes of the Andes, was built between 2,600 BC and 2,000 BC. This  ancient city in what is now Peru was built at the same time as the great pyramids of Egypt, archaeologists have revealed..  They seem to have invented irrigation and  agriculture there also, built pyramids, were the first to use cotton, hallucinogens, cocaine , aphrodisiacs and invented weaving and netmaking.