This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein and You

Margaret Thatcher famously said “there is no such thing as society”.  Naomi Klein seems to have the carbonazis quivering in their boots by proclaiming the exact opposite.

This Canadian mom has become one of the most astute commentators of our time, enduring being called “Marx in a skirt” and much worse.   Her take on the corporatocracy that is ruling our world is concise and to the point – they have got to go.  Their business model does not include paying for cleaning up the mess they are creating.  Her vision of Solar warriors rising up and giving them the old heave-ho world wide is great. Real change versus the apparency of change almost always comes from the ground up.  Myself, I thought it would come to a black cloud of destructive pollution roiling about the planet before there would ever be a change.  But now I can see it her way, a more positive push comes to shove by the mothers that be.

Go to see her if you can, buy her books if you can afford them, watch her on youtube if you can’t, but make an effort to follow her example and pray to the Gods to give her strength as if your grandkids lives depended on her success.  Because they do.